Case Gallery
All dentistry seen on this page was completed in our office by Dr. Pagano

Case # 3:  Implant Tooth Replacement
This patient presented with two missing teeth (Figure 5).  His smile was restored with two dental implants and six crowns (Figure 6). 
Figure 5
Figure 6
Case #2:  Instant Orthodontics
This patient presented with a diastema (space between her two front teeth) (Figure 3).  In just three weeks we were able to fabricate 4 veneers and hide the space (Figure 4).
Figure 3
Figure 4
Case #1:  Emax All-ceramic Bridges
This patient presented with six worn and uneven front teeth (Figure 1).  Two all-ceramic bridges were done to strengthen and restore her smile (Figure 2)
Figure 1
Figure 2.
Case #4:  Stained Bonding/Gum Asymmetry
This patient was unhappy with the stained bonding and uneven appearence of gum (Figure 7).  Using the soft tissue laser and four veneers we were able to correct all her concerns (Figure 8).
Figure 8
Figure 7

Case #5:  Empress All-ceramic Crowns
This young man spent an entire summer spitting pool water out of his mouth and the chemicals wore down his front teeth (Figure 9).  Using all ceramic crowns, his four front teeth were restored to their original shape and length (Figure 10).
Figure 9
Figure 10